Alias For now

by Alias For Now

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released July 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Alias For Now Greenville, South Carolina

In the Boredom that occurs in small town USA, Three amigos teamed up and decided to conquer the world with rock n roll, and so Alias For Now was born. By infusing the blues, Metal, Psychedelia, and Hard Rock they have made a sound that is truly tasty. If you love rock n roll and want to help keep it alive check out Alias For Now, come and see them and get your head ripped off in rock n roll glory. ... more

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Track Name: Slipping By
Dear Mother, Dear Mother
What is it you say, I am?
A joker and a thief
or a loser and the chief?

I know what you're looking for,
Baby come and get it now x2

Now i see,
the truth standing right in front of me
Saw you walk right through the door
and i couldn't ask for much more.
Saw the writing on the wall and i knew i had to take the fall
but that's the last time,
you're slipping by.

Dear Brother, Dear Brother
What is it, I've become?
A killer by the night
or another hero in the light
i need to know.
Track Name: Morning light
Its never been easy for me
hit the ground running that's how it had to be.
oh mother mother
where did ya go?
got to go fast baby, i can't go slow

Why are all these people
looking at me
I know the truth
but I don't believe

Screamin demon running,
through the night
I know I'll never see you
In the morning light

Drink till ya drop
Never gonna stop
Gasoline in my veins
I ain't feeling no more pain
Live your life so obscene
Don't ya dare make a scene.
What ya got left to say to me?
what else could there be?
Track Name: Around the Bend
I've never seen
a look so evil
as the one I saw in her eyes
I've never heard
nothing like the things she said.
even though i know they're lies
No fun
just a burned out junkie
running on adrenaline
so young
living under the gun
when to shoot and when to run?

I'm running ya down
got my head in the clouds and my feet,
on the ground.

Woah-oh over and over
how many times?
woah-oh over and over
how many times, do we go around the bend?

Don't ya ask me why
message in the sky
seeing double, thinking I'm in trouble
oh how and when?
every now and then.
give it up give it to me.
I've seen it all before
this life has become such a bore.
preaching on the TV and preaching in the schools
why do all these preachers, seem like fools?

Ya ain't foolin me
Oh black velvet, won't ya make me bleed?


Sometimes experience steals your hope
And i look back and it was you holding the rope
You're in the daylight
and nothin quite feels right to me
pour me another drink
another shot is all i need.
Black velvet make me bleed.
Track Name: Come on In
Who're you,what am I?
nobody told me anything
ya know a guy, shoot me to the sky
yea I'm right up in flames.
its all superstition, going into remission
baby whats your composition
won't just , break it down for me.

Come on In
Enjoy the Show
Step right up
How low can you go?

Spread your gospel
Spread your disease
Spread the fire anywhere that you please.
Won't just, keep it away from me.
You're so violent
You're so mean
I think i seen you in my dreams
But lets just keep it, keep it that way.
I don't need to hear what you say

Come on In
Enjoy the Show
Step right up
How low can ya go?
Track Name: Sister Slave
Hit the ground so swiftly
whats left, if any?
can't wrap my mind around it
Wrap your hands around my throat
and we'll never, Speak a word
you wouldn't laugh if you knew that i heard
We both know loves a dirty word

Nobody's laughing when what could've been becomes what is
and what should've been never got to begin

Confess your sins and maybe god will
let you in
or they'll just hit the air and you'll be
standing there.
We both know nothings free
what you trying to do me?
Ain't got nothing to give,
you've done took it all
took it all

Nobody's laughing when what could've been becomes what is
and what should've been never got to begin

Demon, Says itll be alright
the angels saying run for your life
but in the end where the field meets the sky
is there where we've come to die?
A brisk cold hits my face
I'm lost amongst this lonesome place
nobodys going, anywhere
You better not move

I caught you lying
you had me crying
the name she gave was SIster Slave x2